Maltese Identity

The “Between Seasis a little empty these days, isn’t it?

Me and my husband are in another “Saga”: the beginning of my process for my residence in the country.
May 30th we got married in a simple and happy ceremony. It was wonderful!

IMG_1766But for us to get here with all necessary documents was the Saga 1“. As every country has its own requirements, I needed to take action while still in Brazil – documents updated, translated and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Recife / PE  and a valid passport. This Saga” lasted about 2 months. During these months, I met people who helped me a lot.

Well, if we want rights, we must do our duty, mustn’t we? =)

This week, we started the Saga 2“.  We commenced the process for my residency on the island. It’s wonderful to see how far we have walked when I see all our documents together in a folder.

Yesterday was a day when we were very happy. We got my Maltese identity ( ID ), the extended permission for my residence! It was a very important step because I can start to feel officially as part of the country. I love this place! =)

Our next step will be an interview for my free movement.

Actually, we found the service quick. I hope it stays that way

Soon, we’ll have other steps!

Happy Day!




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