Maltese Identity II

Summer Malta

The days here on the island are becoming warmer. It’s still a bit early to compare because summer is just beginning, but I think the heat here will be higher than in Natal. I’m getting accustomed to the weather. This week was the first time I swam in the clear waters of the Mediterranean! =) A little cold, but it was splendid! When we’re at the beach, it’s strange not to see the coconut water’s vendor in the sand but I love seeing picnics with families or friends and cars ” setting up the tent” to enjoy the warm days. The island during the summer is contagious and the different ways we organize ourselves in society is fantastic.
Our smile also is too warm! After an interview and a wait of a few weeks, me and San received my  Maltese Identity and now, officially, I can live on the island. It was a wonderful achievement in our “Saga” (click here) and I feel  very proud to to enjoy it.

The weekend is starting and I wish you all many wonderful moments!


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