Pretty breads and mousse

Summer days have been busy and pretty.

Yesterday I spent couple of hours cooking and the results were delicious aromas and

breads waiting

To prepare the breads, I used flour, baking yeast, eggs, milk, almond essence, granulated coconut, butter, sugar and raisins.

A simple recipe that once I took in the internet and I use it to prepare breads with different shapes and fillings.


And now, at table!

bread at table

pretty moment

I spent some time enjoying this moment and so I took a photo.
(Sliema Malta)

For summer days, it is best that dessert is something refreshing. Thinking about it, I made chocolate (with pepper) and lemon mousse

(I was inspired in the film Chocolat)


To prepare the mousse, I used chocolate, pepper, lemon, condensed milk and cream milk

For theses recipes, you can contact me at

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and I’d love to know you tried some recipe.

Another wonderful day (here) !


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