Living in Malta

The last two days here on the island were a laboratory full of experiments.

Yesterday was the first time I drove on the wrong side“. Despite my intense concentration to make sure that I was doing everything correct and careful not to be on one side of the road when I should be on the other, it was a great experience to shift gears with the left hand. After all, it was fun. =) Here isn’t only it isn’t only the Queen’s english, but also the mode of driving. In this website you can get the necessary information about permission to drive here in Malta and then drive with a smile of responsibility.
Another experiment is about rabbits!
The Maltese cuisine is wonderful. There are many delicious dishes. Although I think it is strange to eat rabbit and see them in the supermarket skinless, it is impossible to live here and not try to eat stewed rabbit. It’s like living in Brazil and not trying “feijoada” and “farofa”. I’m always feel like I should know the customs of the place where I am living, mainly because I have been very well received. So why not try to eat rabbit? =)The first time I ate it here I was extremely disappointed. Good food makes all the difference in a restaurant! My mother-in-law (perhaps disappointed when I talked about this first experience) with the voice of experience told me: “I will prepare a rabbit for you“. So today was the big day! The menu at the home of Ms. Bugeja was stewed rabbit, vegetables and lastly prickly pears ( this fruit I also had not tried )! I can still feel the flavour of that tender and juicy meat! I feel proud to have enjoyed this very traditional dish of the lovely country I’m living in. =)
Knowing the cultural roots and customs of Maltaare the most important steps
for assimilation.

7 thoughts on “Living in Malta

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  3. Thanks so much for following my cooking blog. Most appreciated. I love Brazil (have been there twice and spent almost three months there). My father lived in Malta for a while a loved it too. I will enjoy following your blog.

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