Ġbejna Cheese

As there is always something to say and as a Brazilian resident,

here at home we’re just savoring the Ġbejna,

but I want to try and make them

feel the essence of the preparation of the Maltese cuisine.



The Maltese cheese Ġbejna is dear here at home and I feel so proud to use it in my dishes. I don’t know how many Maltese cheese varieties there are and the history of them, but I believe the Ġbejna carries identity and tradition here on the island.

In a brief search on Wikipedia, and according to my knowledge as a foreign resident, here most of the milk of sheep are used for the production of this cheese. Besides the milk, rennet and salt are used (in the past, seawater was used as the coagulant in the production of Ġbejna). They‘re sold fresh, with pepper, spices, etc.

I have used them with pasta (I like to put only 1 unit in my pasta because of its transformation capacity and unique flavour). My San takes his with crackers, toast, salads, etc. I even tried them with coffee once ( 🙂 )

So? You could choose a cheese you think transforms your palate and try it in a pasta. 🙂 The dish I prepared is super easy, quick and simple, besides being rewarding and not needing to spend all your time in the kitchen


After the choice of the type,


start cooking the pasta.

Meanwhile, heat the tomato sauce with olives and cut  tomatoes into pieces.Drain the pasta, drizzle with olive oil and place on a plate.Place the sauce over the pasta, the sliced ​​tomatoes, capers (combine them very well and fondly). Finally put the cheese.



Try it and change your opinion that a tasty meal requires a lengthy preparation.

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