Exhibition of cactus

There’re many varieties of cactus with different sizes, shapes, flowers. They are so exotic and resistant besides of the more delicate flowers.

On a lovely Saturday my husband and I visited an exhibition of cactus at Naxxar. It’s so different and lovely when we have the chance to appreciate the cactus closely. We took some pictures, especially of the details since my husband has captured most of the photos.

All was so lovely because I love these simple and lovely places and moreover I get lost in time when I am among these wonders.

Cactus - Malta

Cactus -Malta

Cactus - Malta

Cactus - Malta

Cactus - Malta

Some were selling.

We brought this to home.

Cactus - Malta

Sharing a nice maltese facebook page save the countryside.


Happy day and sorry for my English mistakes. 😀 I’m learning!


2 thoughts on “Exhibition of cactus

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