Plastic makes you fit

Have you tried to fly playing frisbee?
Frisbee might be great this weekend.

frisbeeGoogle image


It does, really.

One afternoon after work the magrelinha and I went to Ta’ Qali which, on a midweek afternoon, was practically deserted. Plenty of open space to let the yellow disk, until then a captive in the back of the car, fly freely. And for the first few throws there was a definite lack of control over it because I hadn’t played with one for ages. As for the magrelinha, this was her first close encounter of the frisbee kind.

This piece of plastic really does make you fit.

I realized within minutes because of all the sprinting, bending, jumping, stretching and throwing that I was doing. Now I’m no couch potato because I run regularly and sometimes go for a cycle but here I was engaging in physical acts which fall outside my sports’ range; actions very much akin to a game of squash. So much so…

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