Before a comfortable dish

Before writing about a comfortable dish, I want to share with you something more personal while you enjoy some photos of streets, alleys and Maltese houses.

Maltese HomesComing from a country where, today, leaving and arriving home or walking on streets makes you a target for burglars, the streets and Maltese houses are more than a charm for me. Enchantment is a word I think fits in the “Security dream” sentence. It’s true that each country carries its luck, beauty and problems.

Maltese houses

It isn’t true that a family is the victim of assault every day at Brazil, but it is true that many families are assaulted each hour and that it is a growing circle. So everyone is waiting for a next time. Because of this, in order to protect ourselves, it is natural that our customs adapted to the growth in violence. We even have a ‘manual of instructions about how to leave and arrive at home and the neighbours are always helping each other.
Maltese houses
What makes me happy is that we still manage to have a beautiful life there. We also have beautiful stories besides being able to see, almost daily, the last sun rays if we walk to the street corner with our eyes directed to the west at around 4:30pm.
Maltese streetsBut I fell in love with a Maltese… 🙂

The several styles of streets, alleys, houses, apartments, flats, etc and the quiet life that is lived here are scattered throughout the island. I’m an extremely curious explorer about the customs of the Maltese people. I think this feeling is so beautiful on me mainly because of the experiences that I carry. While we are walking on the streets and alleys is when I have more certainty that there is still much to discover about the Maltese customs. My husband and I live in an apartment in the north of the island and during these seven months I‘ve been living here in Malta, leaving and arriving  home has been a real dream. I‘m not saying that violence doesn’t exist here, but for seven months nothing happened to us.

We have shared many interesting posts on our blogs and this is like sitting down to drink a coffee or tea and just talk about some of our experiences, feelings, photos, recipes, sports. I hope this post carries on the way of this feeling.


PrettyThis photo I took in an abandoned building last weekend.

Writing about meat, actually I am addicted to preparing stewed meat. This pork was so amazing that I decided to serve it straight in the pan. During cooking, stirring the food is also addictive because every time you look inside the pan, the texture of the meat and sauce are getting wonderful and the aroma makes the home a comfort. Let me convince you to try it too.

PorkStewed pork served in the pan with couscous

1 – To prepare 4 pieces of meat add a mixture of garlic, salt, paprika, grated black pepper and herbs of your choice, 3 tablespoons of vinegar and a teacup of white or red wine (for this recipe I used white wine). Marinate it for 30 minutes.
Believe me, with this blend the meat will get a great flavour.

2 – Meanwhile, prepare a couscous following the package directions (the time for my couscous was 8 minutes).
3 – In a saucepan heat 5 tablespoons olive oil and then lightly fry the meat until a golden colour (at this stage, just put the meat). Then place 2 cups of hot water into the tea mixture that was the flesh and add it to the pan with the meat. During the cooking, stir the meat until it is soft and with a thick sauce. Add water gradually if necessary. As the pork is being cooked, stirring the pot is also addictive because every time you do it, the texture of the meat and sauce are different beyond the aroma that spreads around the house.

4 –Place the meat and sauce over couscous, add some tomatoes and cabbage and serve.


Christmas is coming, but I could not wait until then to make it.


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