A way to cooking

I was very bean emotional in the kitchen days ago. San was concentrating on his work and I think I was taken by the silence while cooking. All I did was one panful with beans (no stock), cooked vegetables and fish fillet. Moving the root this dish feeling out ,I was missing my place of origin. A good miss, do you know? The colours, the sunset seen through of the kitchen door while I drank some sips of coffee, the swing from the trees across street, the smell emanating from the kitchen, my nephew getting anxious, everything but mine. But, at the same time, I love the place where we live. Our home, the smells, the particularities as mine. If we were there, the same feeling of missing would also land in the field of my beautiful thoughts. Do you have beautiful miss? Oh, they are like beautiful frames I will hang on the walls where I go. I know, it’s common to miss your place when you leave it for just one or two days, but it all becomes so intense when you have to wait over a year to visit your place. We are so many living this way, aren’t we? Well, in the end, I think we are lucky.

with beans

About the dish with beans, you can now understand a little how this mixture began. I have never eaten beans as tasty as the home of my parents and at the same time, I am increasingly delighted with Mediterranean cuisine. Oh my God, I am a divided woman and I’m mixing everything now! 😀 The mixture with beans, cooked vegetables and fish fillet was totally delicious in taste and texture. Moreover, this is an extra healthy mixture. Try it!

How do you make this delicious mixture?

Cut into cubes two cloves of garlic and sauté them with a little olive oil in a large pan frying. Then, add two fillets of fish, a fish stock cube and cook it stirring carefully. While this mixture is sautéing, break the fish into small pieces. When the fish is cooked and lightly browned, add a cooked red can of beans (if you cook the beans at home, just drain it) and a cooked mixed can of vegetables (Particularly for same dishes, I love a Mediterranean mix cooked in can. I always have one of these on my shelf ). Stir everything carefully and boil a little. Serve it warm. This dish may be accompanied with couscous or penne, for example. Enjoy!

with fishred flower


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