Rustic and delicate

Today I decided not to read news or read about things that I think make me anxious. The day seemed more beautiful! About what are you tired of reading? Give audience and special attention every day to the same things, they will strengthen.

In excess even the failure is success around” The power of silence Humberto Gessinger / Duka Leindecker I like this song.

Read, read and read the called first pages, not solve problems. Next week, the news will be the same and perhaps worse. So I‘m trying to deprive myself of them until then. Being informed is always good, but I prefer knowledge more. I think it elevates our thinking.

As I said, the day seemed more beautiful with this absence. The silence made me accept the time while I took care of plants and heard the water touching the leaves and the ground. The silence which added more time for the pages of the book, calmer steps.

In my kitchen, the smell was such peace served with oven potatoes and chicken liver. A delight to prepare!

A rustic look but with a delicate flavour.


My blog makes me feel good, I promise that I will not be a week without a posting.

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Hoje eu decidi não ler notícias ou ler sobre coisas que eu acho que me tornam ansiosa. O dia pareceu mais bonito! Sobre o que você está cansado de ler? Dar audiência e especial atenção todos os dias às mesmas coisas, estas se fortalecerão.

“Em excesso até o fracasso faz sucesso por aí” A força do silêncio – Humberto Gessinger/Duka Leindecker – Esta música me inspira.

Ler, ler e ler as chamadas primeiras páginas, não solucionará problemas. De hoje a uma semana, as notícias serão as mesmas e talvez piores.  Então eu estou tentando me privar delas até lá. Estar informado é sempre bom, mas em excesso eu prefiro o conhecimento. Eu acho que isso eleva o nosso pensar.

Como disse, o dia pareceu mais bonito no meio desta ausência. O silêncio me fez aceitar o tempo enquanto eu cuidava das plantas e ouvia a água tocar as folhas e o chão. O silêncio que acrescentou mais tempo para as páginas do livro, um andar mais calmo.

Hoje na minha cozinha, o cheiro foi de tamanha paz servida com batatas ao forno e fígado de frango.

Um aspecto rústico mas com um delicado sabor.



O meu blog me faz muito bem, eu prometo que não ficarei uma semana sem postar. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Rustic and delicate

  1. I agree with you. I hate to open newspapers every morning and see like any horrible soap opera,some political party hurling insults at each other or doing some more damage to country,and the normal citizens make it to news when something bad happens to them 😦
    Knowledge is one thing and wasting brains on these is another …. Loved the food 🙂 I don’t own an oven,is there any other way to make those potatoes ,as a matter of fact ,I don’t know the recipe also 🙂

  2. Continuing the thought… few days later the first pages will show us that the news has become a kind of exaggeration when someone decides to write about those who are really most affected. This always happens after they make us buy special editions about the facts or when we don’t read a few more pages of an interesting book because we were busy reading these information.
    Oh yes! We can make these potatoes without using the oven. 🙂
    First we boil the potatoes with a little salt until soft. Then, in a in a frying pan we heat a little vegetable or olive oil,
    chopped garlic, parsley and rosemary. Then we place the soft potatoes sautéing them until golden brown.
    Let’s enjoy it!
    Have a great day dear.

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