Exciting way to eat salmon

Quick and easy oven salmon. I just marinated the fish with garlic, rosemary, black pepper and a little sunflower oil and served it with onion ring (store-bought) besides healthy beets. Exciting! 🙂

Rápido e fácil salmão de forno. Eu apenas temperei com alho, alecrim, pimenta preta e um pouco de óleo de girassol e servi com anéis de cebola (comprados em supermercado), além de beterrabas saudáveis. Excitante! 🙂 SalmonSalmon

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Dish of the week

In Brazil it is still summer. My mom has told me has been raining in our State ( we call these rain ‘corn rains‘ or ‘summer rains’). Here on the island the spring is coming. The song of the birds have multiplied and the sun’s rays are focusing more joy in our home. Because of that, this week we had the chance to go to the beach to enjoy this beautiful change. The sunlight was shining slightly! I like to enjoy as much as I can the sunshine or rain, the flying of the dried leaves or the colours of the fruits in life.

Although I’m loving feel the change of the seasons, I grew up without these seasonal waits and it also has a lot of value to me. How beautiful are the flowers in autumnal calendar or the sun illuminating our Christmas spirit.

Yesterday I prepared a delicious dish with chicken liver and cucumber. I gave a cool and delicious value for an unusual dish. I’m not afraid to try my culinary creations, but of course I was a little afraid to serving it. Oh, I served my dish! ♥


with liverwith liver

The result was simply a delicious meal and each ingredient was valued. Our enthusiasm while we ate was very pleasant, a mixture of all seasons. 🙂

I apologize for any error in English.
For recipe, you can contact me at sandraaduarte82@gmail.com