I’m in love with origami

I decided to go ahead with my dream of my own business. Yes, I can cook, sell and have hearts! I’m just starting. It is necessary a lot of patience to accept the days when there is only me and the sweets in the kitchen.
But I’m feeling it’s going well because I also found out a talent for origami. Do you like my origamis? 😀





4 thoughts on “I’m in love with origami

  1. They look amazing 😀 😀 I have made the bluebells before but not the vase or the lovely roses 🙂 Congratulations on your new venture 😀 When your cooking and are craft combine, they are creating magic 😀

    Btw, I am not sure if you got my message earlier, I have started writing from a different blog now, my old ones are just for keeping up appearance and act as storage now, that’s why comments/likes are disabled. You will find my new blog here….

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