Nature is my happiness

The smell and sounds of the Mediterranean nature were mixed with my simple breathing.  I do not know how many animals we were able to hear. A good time to think about a next step for Life.  I know, every day we have the opportunity to enjoy the nature, but this weekend we went out of city to enjoy a lovely wedding gift almost after a year of our marriage.  We had a nice comfort, perfect accommodation, pools…but nothing would have been so perfect without the nature. All we did was enjoy the nature and some reading from our terrace or around the hotel until the full moon brought us the sleep. My husband and me have a deal of appreciate our pictures only few days after our adventures, it is a wonderful feeling of anxious. 🙂   I promise I will post some nature photos after that time.

Today I have more photos about another adventure in the  kitchen  😀
Last week, we bought some books about Malta ( culinary, birds, prostitution, identity, political culture ). About the culinary book, it’s easy to want to eat the colourful pages. So I cooked some nice dish yesterday extremely inspired by the photos of the book and by our weekend in a lovely Mediterranean atmosphere.

Rice cooked with capers and parsley served with oven potatoes with pepper, tuna and tomato sauce



I wish you beautiful days and delicious food made with love


 I apologize for any English mistakes


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