Geocachers’ log 150613


The Villa Rosa View was our number 10 and, as another geocaching couple referred to us, the “other people”.

Yes, we are the other people who were trying to re-hide the cache while andrasmile were standing on the exact spot we needed to access. This was only our 10th find so we are very much babes in arms to geocaching. However, we were pleasantly surprised to coincidentally meet other geocachers in action.

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Today I took some pictures of one of the places that touch my soul. Selmum! Few minutes of walking and then, fantastic views! But it would have been better if we had found the cache” . 😀

Hoje eu tenho algumas fotos de um dos lugares que tocam a minha alma. Selmum!  Alguns minutos de caminhada e então, fantásticas vistas! Mas teria sido melhor se nós tivessemos achado a “cache“. 😀

SelmumSelmum PalaceSelmum


Geocachers’ log 150530

It is a lovely hobby! Now, we found 4.
Discover beautiful landscapes while we look for the “treasure”, be happy together and know other persons are doing the same is wonderful.


My wife and I’s first geocache. Fun albeit unsuccessful. Failed cos I didn’t look at the correct GPS location and since some geocachers remarked about the views from atop the Qolla s-Safra, I just lead my wife to the summit assuming that it was there. We spent an amusing 15 minutes at the peak, poking under bushes and into crevices. Now that we’ve seen the hints and rechecked the map, we can see where we went wrong. For the next time!

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