A new experience

Last Monday the weather was lovely to pick ingredients from the garden. Think with me about freshness, picking oranges, lemons, celery, leaves and then smell your hands. 🙂

Cooking class a Villa Bologna

I am writing about my first cooking class time in which was possible the contact with the nature, go to the kitchen to make delicious dishes and then sit down with the group to enjoy the flavours together. I learned so much!

Cooking class a Villa Bologna

Cooking class a Villa BolognaCelery

Cooking class a Villa BolognaOranges

Cooking class at Villa BolognaOlive oil / Pumpkin

Cooking Class at Villa Bologna

Yeah, this is the way I like! My roots! Nature is the beat to my heart. Why can’t I send you these smells? I hope you also find wonderful experiences during your life and you can save them in your heart.

We cooked a Citrus Menu

  • Citrus Cordeal – Orange
  • Pumpkin Soup with Orange
  • Lemon Risotto with Rosemery Veal
  • Ricotta Cake with Lemon