My “keen eye” – Qolla Safra: GC5CJB4


The magrelinha does the finding, I do the posing! The magrelinha does the finding, I do the posing!

Qolla Safra – the Q in Qolla rises from deep within the throat and is then spat out, together with the loose rubble of an O, double L and A.

Qolla Safra – a formation of yellow earth that emerges from the dry soil and scattered stones that surround it.

Qolla Safra – also known, in a cold and anonymous manner that belies the raw nature of its constituent elements, as GC5CJB4.

Qolla Safra – one of the fifty or so geocaches that lie within the boundaries of a seriously undulating landscape that protrudes in a rude but beautiful manner from the central Mediterranean.

Last year, on the 30th May according to the records, Qolla Safra became our first attempt at geocaching. That we were newbies to the activity is borne out by the fact that we set off from our accommodation in Marsalforn without any…

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