Stuffed green peppers with rice, capers, onion and tuna

You do not need to spend so much money to have healthy meals at home. If you start looking in this direction, it is not difficult to realize that there are numerous options of delicious and healthy meals cooked with simple ingredients.

Stuffed Green Peppers

Stuffed Green Peppers with rice, capers, onion and tuna. They are simply delicious and they freeze well too.

Stuffed Green Peppers

Bragiole – beef rolls

One of traditional Maltese ways to serve the bragiole cooked in tomatoes sauce is with pasta. The slices of beef are stuffed with minced meat and herbs. So I cooked the rolls with garlic, onion, tomatoes, paprika, olive oil and tomato sauce over low heat. Usually in Brazil we stuff these slices of beef with vegetables, we call it beef a rolê ! Very simple and delicious.




Ravioli, tuna, mushrooms and minced garlic


A song and a dish for today. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to be with your heart full of wonders for your love, your family, friends So, turn on the gramophone and go ahead, baby. 🙂

♪Cause it comes from my heart.”♪ I gently fried garlic, mushrooms and tuna (exactly in this sequence) in a little amount of olive oil and then I served it with ravioli filled with ricotta cheese. The harmonization of the flavour was wonderful. Just be need careful not to burn the garlic, or the taste will be bitter. Delicious, healthy and filled meal.

Uma canção e um prato para hoje. Você não precisa esperar por nenhuma data especial para andar com o coração cheio de coisas maravilhosas para o seu amor, seus filhos, mãe, pai, amigos… Então, liga a vitrola e vai em frente, baby!

♪ “Cause it comes from my heart” ♪. Eu fritei levemente alho, cogumelos e atum ( exatamente nesta sequência )em uma pequena quantidade de azeite de oliva e depois servidos com ravioli recheados com queijo ricota. A harmonização do sabor ficou maravilhosa. Tenha cuidado para não queimar o alho, ou então o sabor ficará amargo. Delicioso, saudável e recheada refeição.