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Using Can, Might and Must

I learned yesterday how these modal verbs can work in a short dialogue.

I know they exist, but sometimes I don’t know if I’m using them correctly.


Can, Might, Must


It can‘t be a ballon.

What do you think?

I’m not sure. Well,  it might be a soft roof.

No, it must be a greenhouse!

So, what do they mean to you?


This is a way to use these three modal verbs.

Writing is also a way to practise our English!

For example, here´s an expression I didn’t forget.


Expressions in English

I am a learner of English expressions

The other day, during a conversation on whatsapp, my husband sent me the expression I had some teething problems but now it’s ok” when he tried to explain that the  equipment he was using in his lessons had finally worked well. Until discovering the meaning of the phrase, I was sure that he would have to visit a dentist. =)

Do you have any stories about English expressions?

Eu sou uma aprendiz de expressões da língua inglesa.

Outro dia, durante uma conversa pelo whatsapp, o meu esposo me enviou a expressĂŁo ” I had some teething problems but now it’s ok” quando ele tentava explicar que o equipamento usado em suas aulas havia dado certo. AtĂ© descobrir o significado da expressĂŁo, eu tinha certeza que ele teria que visitar um dentista. =)

Você tem alguma história sobre expressões em inglês?

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