We do not know each other, but we come from the same place.

We were in the same place and the same landscape enjoying our time in life.

Like many others, we could be spending our time doing other things.

Maybe these things were passing because we soon forget the password.

Maybe it would be necessary to create another identity, but it was there that we decided to be.


They do not want us to be there, we know.

We were hanging in a cup of coffee, tea, chocolate, cappuccino.

They do not want us there smelling the season, walking,

fishing, harvesting, living with our children and exchanging our air with the nature.

We know!

Who are they? Where are they?

They hate when we think, they hate when we are real, they hate when we do not need them.

But they are still very thirsty to not let us think.

But they are still very thirsty to close our curtains to the riches of creation.

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Exibição de cactos

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Existem muitas variedades de cactos com diversos tamanhos, formas, flores. Eles são tão exóticos e resistentes além das mais delicadas e variadas flores.

Em um adorável Sábado eu e meu esposo visitamos uma exibição de cactos em Naxxar. É tão diferente e adorável quando nós temos a chance de aprecia-los de perto. Nós tomamos algumas fotos, principalmente dos detalhes já que meu esposo capturou a maioria das fotos.

Tudo era tão lindo, porque eu amo esses lugares simples e encantadores e, além disso, eu me perco no tempo quando eu estou entre essas maravilhas.

Cactus - Malta

Cactus -Malta

Cactus - Malta

Cactus - Malta

Cactus - Malta

Alguns, nós poderiamos comprar! 🙂

Nós trouxemos este para casa.

Cactus - Malta

Compartilhando uma bela página Maltesa do facebook save the countryside .


Feliz dia!

Exhibition of cactus

There’re many varieties of cactus with different sizes, shapes, flowers. They are so exotic and resistant besides of the more delicate flowers.

On a lovely Saturday my husband and I visited an exhibition of cactus at Naxxar. It’s so different and lovely when we have the chance to appreciate the cactus closely. We took some pictures, especially of the details since my husband has captured most of the photos.

All was so lovely because I love these simple and lovely places and moreover I get lost in time when I am among these wonders.

Cactus - Malta

Cactus -Malta

Cactus - Malta

Cactus - Malta

Cactus - Malta

Some were selling.

We brought this to home.

Cactus - Malta

Sharing a nice maltese facebook page save the countryside.


Happy day and sorry for my English mistakes. 😀 I’m learning!

A little piece of the day

The autumn light invades the living room floor.
On the balcony, in the distance, the green tones rhyme with each other
in a calm harmony.
And the winds that are already a bit cold seem to be seen in a light autumnal cloud.

A luz do outono invade o chão da sala.
Na varanda, ao longe, os tons de verde rimam um com o outro
em uma harmonia tranquilizadora.
E os ventos que já estão um pouco frio parecem serem visto em uma leve bruma outonal.


Nature has a colour for every day.

There are several ways to recreate the simple.

Our last long and luxurious weekend consisted of watching films, walking hand in hand, visiting a museum, practising running, photography and enjoying what nature offers us daily (nature has a colour for every day). Even when in our home, I find my most beautiful reality. I know, the flowers, the birds and the trees don’t speak but they wake up the nature inside me, that’s why I always feel awake inside.

While my San was sitting on the  sofa enjoying the piece of sky and green hues that our door offers us and  with my beautiful memories of when I was enjoying my mother cooking quietly, I decided to prepare a dish with okraOkra was part of the beautiful family Sundays.

There are several ways to recreate the simple, so I learned to prepare soups with okra, okra with beef and beans, etc. Do you have a recipe with it? It was in this rhythm that I prepared steak with okra, served with tomatoes and oven potatoes. Tasting it with San was building our own history.
 I know, the flowers, the birds and the trees don’t speak
but they wake up the nature inside me,
that’s why I always feel awake inside.