Maltese spring 2016

Yesterday the spring invited us to enjoy the flowers in the garden.
Today the birds were our alarm clock. It was not ringing, it was singing the most beautiful notes for life. We weren’t later,
nothing more to ask… I can not understand, but it is so mysterious and cheerful.
I was inspired and feeling so lucky that I decided to try something new.
“A cappuccino with ice, please.” What a disaster! The important is to try.

I tried another new thing which I could put my soul. A salad with avocado. The important is to try.

Maltese spring 2016

Maltese spring

Maltese spring 2016

Maltese spring 2016It is so grey but it isn’t the sky
It is so grey without your eyes

Maltese spring 2016

Maltese spring 2016

Maltese spring 2016

Maltese spring 2016


Bragiole – beef rolls

One of traditional Maltese ways to serve the bragiole cooked in tomatoes sauce is with pasta. The slices of beef are stuffed with minced meat and herbs. So I cooked the rolls with garlic, onion, tomatoes, paprika, olive oil and tomato sauce over low heat. Usually in Brazil we stuff these slices of beef with vegetables, we call it beef a rolê ! Very simple and delicious.





Today I took some pictures of one of the places that touch my soul. Selmum! Few minutes of walking and then, fantastic views! But it would have been better if we had found the cache” . 😀

Hoje eu tenho algumas fotos de um dos lugares que tocam a minha alma. Selmum!  Alguns minutos de caminhada e então, fantásticas vistas! Mas teria sido melhor se nós tivessemos achado a “cache“. 😀

SelmumSelmum PalaceSelmum


Mussels, green peppers, onions and walnuts

A wonderful mix

with walnuts

Saute chopped onion with a bit olive oil until aromatic. Then pour mussels and Cook it for 2 minutes. Season with salt and sprinkle black pepper.  Add the sliced green pepper and cook the mix another 2 minutes. Combine well. Turn off the heat. Stir in the walnuts and a bit chopped onion . Serve immediately and enjoy! x

Maltese Spring – May 2014 Poetry

Photo May 2015 – Countryside

Maltese Spring

Comfort food – Pasta

Perfect to be happy! This pasta is so special. The taste and smell enable you to relax.

For this dish, the ingredients and the pasta were carefully incorporated.

All you need is to sauté a combination of cucumber, tomato, sweet corn, black olives, green peas and black pepper with a little olive oil.

Stir! Stir with love. The mixture will be ready when the ingredients are perfectly incorporated and the cucumber is not so soft. Then, add a little tomato sauce and mix it with a pasta of your choice. Just serve it with some fresh mint.

Enjoy this delicious comfort food! 🙂


Perfeito para ser feliz ! Esta massa é tão especial.  O sabor e o cheiro são capazes de nos fazer relaxar.

Para este prato, os ingredientes foram cuidadosamente incorporados à massa.

Tudo o que você precisa é saltear uma combinação de pepino, tomate, milho, azeitonas pretas, ervilhas e pimenta preta com um pouco de azeite.

Mexa! Mexa com amor.A mistura estará pronta quando os ingredientes estiverem perfeitamente incorporados e o pepino não muito macio. Então, add um pouco de molho de tomate e incorpore a mistura com uma massa de sua escolha. Apenas sirva com um pouco de menta ou hortelã frecos.

Aproveite esta delicosa e confortável comida! 🙂