I’m in love with origami

I decided to go ahead with my dream of my own business. Yes, I can cook, sell and have hearts! I’m just starting. It is necessary a lot of patience to accept the days when there is only me and the sweets in the kitchen.
But I’m feeling it’s going well because I also found out a talent for origami. Do you like my origamis? 😀




Quote – The Blood of Flowers – Anita Amirrezvani

“I will never inscribe my name in a carpet, unlike the masters in the royal rug workshop who are honoured for their great skill. I will never learn to knot a man’s eye so precisely it looks real, nor design rugs with layers of patterns so intricate that they could confound the greatest of mathematicians. But I have devised designs for my own which people will cherish for years to come. When they sit on one of my carpets, their hips touching the earth, their back elongated, and the crown of their head lifted towards the sky, they will be soothed, refreshed, transformed. My heart will touch theirs and we will be as one, even after I am dust even though they will never know my name.”

Sunday Quotes

” Perhaps this is why the artist, who made the oil painting some decades later, felt the need to make a few minor alterations, he softened her features and made the colour of the skin and hair lighter and, therefore, more palatable to the tastes of the time. The result is that Pocahontas in the oil painting looks decidedly European. “

” Where’s the icing on my cake?”

” Every country jealously looks after its national memory.”