I think that Sunday lunch, when at home, can be great, quick and delicious.

Yesterday I prepared a pasta with seafood combined with cabbage, carrots, capers, lemon olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, tomato sauce and cheese (cheese and tomato sauce, in a subtle amount).


Eu penso que o almoço do domingo, quando em casa, pode ser farto, rápido e delicioso.

Ontem eu preparei uma pasta com frutos do mar combinados com repolho,cenoura, alcaparras, azeite de limão, alho, sal, pimenta, molho de tomate e queijo ( o queijo e o molho de tomate, em sutil quantidade ).



refogado de repolho e cenoura




Beautifully delicious!!!

Maravilhosamente delicioso! !!


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Há um lugar / There’s a place


Há um lugar que você andará sem pressa.
Um lugar que os quadros são pintados em seus olhos,
e estes não se vedem.
Há um lugar tão poesia que você se sentirá um verso.
Um lugar que te faz péssimo atleta da razão,
e que você se confessa em um sorriso.
Há um lugar em que você não se lembrará
do dia em que
você quis deixá-lo.


There’s a place you’ll walk unhurriedly.
A place where the frames are painted in yours eyes,
and they aren’t for sale.
There’s a place so poetic that you feel a verse.
A place that makes you a bad athlete of reason,
and  you confess it in a smile.
There’s a place where you will not remember
the day you ever wanted to leave it.

About a fantastic adventure in our honeymoon / Sobre uma fantástica aventura em nossa lua de mel

“Down was also the direction the road eventually took, bringing two cold and wet riders to the door of Casa Mauro. The clothes were damp, yet our spirits undamped. After all, our honeymoon had just received its baptism and we had successfully weathered the change!”

“Abaixo também foi a direção que a estrada finalmente tomou, trazendo dois pilotos frios e úmidos para a porta da Casa Mauro. As roupas estavam úmidas, mas os nossos espíritos secos. Afinal, a nossa lua de mel tinha acabado de receber o seu batismo e nós tínhamos resistido com sucesso a mudança!!”

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2014-06-14 08.03.32Chiaramonte Gulfi

Maltese Identity

The “Between Seasis a little empty these days, isn’t it?

Me and my husband are in another “Saga”: the beginning of my process for my residence in the country.
May 30th we got married in a simple and happy ceremony. It was wonderful!

IMG_1766But for us to get here with all necessary documents was the Saga 1“. As every country has its own requirements, I needed to take action while still in Brazil – documents updated, translated and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Recife / PE  and a valid passport. This Saga” lasted about 2 months. During these months, I met people who helped me a lot.

Well, if we want rights, we must do our duty, mustn’t we? =)

This week, we started the Saga 2“.  We commenced the process for my residency on the island. It’s wonderful to see how far we have walked when I see all our documents together in a folder.

Yesterday was a day when we were very happy. We got my Maltese identity ( ID ), the extended permission for my residence! It was a very important step because I can start to feel officially as part of the country. I love this place! =)

Our next step will be an interview for my free movement.

Actually, we found the service quick. I hope it stays that way

Soon, we’ll have other steps!

Happy Day!